We have submitted the WordPress theme that we made for this website to the WordPress theme directory. It is currently being reviewed, so hopefully it will be available to download soon…

Theme features:

  1. This theme is a no-frills fixed-width, two-column WordPress theme. It is based on a central-page with drop-shadow.

  2. Licensed under the GNU General Public License (v3).

  3. Includes Jquery in HEAD – so posts can use jQuery in their content.

  4. WordPress features enabled. e.g. Widget enabled and Custom-background enabled (allows changing background image – uses in-built add_custom_background() function.

  5. Theme options page – allows you to upload your own logo.

  6. Includes Purisa Light font – See blog post for details.

  7. Includes styleguide page to showcase the CSS styles available.

  8. Drop-down navigation menu for sub-pages.

Theme details:

  1. The page content is displayed on a 940px central-page.

  2. The sidebar takes up 25% of the content area (which is narrower than average).

  3. This WordPress theme uses the Yahoo CSS reset and 1KB CSS grid framework.

  4. The page outline drop-shadows use a single CSS sprite image – as described in this blog post.

Extra theme details:

  1. The theme limits the font size in the tag cloud widget – see blog post. This is needed because the sidebar is so narrow.

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