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We have just finished and published which is a modified clone of

Technical details of site:

PeoplePerHour Economy

I’ve just finished a new webpage called PeoplePerHour Economy that was written about in the mainstream tech press (see bottom half of article):

Screenshot of Peopleperhour marketplace page

Technical details:

  • The charts and graphs are implemented using the Google Charts API – a simple and extremely efficient method of producing charts.
  • The charts (and chart data) are cached over a 24 hour period to take some load off the webserver. The caching is done by some simple PHP code – memcached seemed overkill.
  • The UK map is implemented using a 3rd-party image map with polygon co-ordinates specifying each county. The hover-over highlighting is done using a JQuery plugin called mapHighlight.
  • The “Job-o-meter” is implemented using a JQuery plugin called jOdometer customised to format the number with commas and animate the digits with some easing. I have made the customisations available via a github fork.

I’ve just finished a revamp of the hompage:

Previous Design

Screenshot of previous design

New Design

Screenshot of new design

The new design was needed to give space to spotlight “featured” projects (which are a new addition to the site). I think the homepage should stand out a bit more now because it’s more striking?

My latest project was to implement a redesign of the PeoplePerHour “Find Freelancers” page.

Previous Design

screenshot of PeoplePerHour search page before redesign

New Design

screenshot of PeoplePerHour search page after redesign

Why is the new search better?

  1. It’s twice as fast
    • Many less DB queries per page (old: >100, new: 10)
    • Less page reloads needed (results refinement via AJAX)
    • Uses faster DB queries, less table JOINs and better indexes
  2. It returns more relevant results
    • It supports multiple keywords and uses Natural language full-text search so ranking takes into account proximity and duplication
    • Users get feedback about why a result was returned (keyword match highlighting)
  3. It’s more powerful
    • More search options, e.g. search on hourly rate of provider.
    • Returns more information, e.g. provider earnings, hourly rate
  4. It has better SEO
    • Used fairly nice URLs, higher keyword density, better HTML markup, better code to content ratio.
    • Added links to “Related queries”, “Popular queries” and “Top Searches by sector”.
  5. The user-interface and page layout has been improved. (UI built with JQuery).
  6. Users can now link to any search (cut&paste URL)


We have just finished and published It should hopefully look clean and simple?

Technical details of site:

My latest project at PeoplePerHour was to implement a redesign of the website homepage. The new page is a lot less busy and less work for the webserver:

Previous Design

Screenshot before the redesign

New Design

Screenshot after the redesign

I’m loving jquery at the moment.