About Me

Bitvolution is run by Tom Fotherby, a programmer from Reading UK, specialising in bespoke web development.

I started my career programming ancient giant mainframe computers in assembly language. I loved it except I discovered a phenomenon called “bit rot”. Old computer programs rot away, they slowly degrade until they are hell to maintain. I like beautiful clean code. And I crave cutting edge technology. The web is a massive kludge of amazing and rapidly advancing ideas and technology. I have built a nest in it, it is my home and I’m crazy about it.

Many people are over-charged for sub-prime websites. I keep my prices as competitive as possible whilst maintaining what is most important to me: I’m a web developer who is proud of the work he produces!

Right now my weapons of choice are PHP, CSS, jQuery, HTML, geany, The Gimp and Ubuntu although my tool belt might be different tomorrow. I like to keep moving with the industry.

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