I used to think that a hard part of scaling a website from one webserver to two webservers was sharing the sessions between the machines to keep the users logged in whichever machine they were served by. I was pleasantly surprized that it is possible to accomplish sharing sessions between two servers by changing only 5 lines in the php.ini file (the 2 biggies are session.save_handler and session.save_path).

Here is a solution for RHEL 5.5:

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Wordpress Logo

In WordPress 3.0, my WordPress logo image (on the left) broke. So I opened a bug and six weeks and 100 bug comments later, I have upgraded to 3.01 and it is working again. Thanks guys!

The reason why the logo image was broken was quite interesting(?)… In v3.0 WordPress automatically started auto-correcting Wordpress to WordPress (i.e. Word-lowercase-p-ress to Word-uppercase-P-ress) and because my image file name was called “WordpressLogo_blue-m.png”, the auto-correction was breaking the link. Auto-correction shouldn’t cause links to break and it seems that v3.01 fixes it.

The filter function that does this auto-correction is called “capital_P_dangit” – The WordPress guys are obviously pretty frustrated by this spelling mistake!

Old filter (v3.0):

function capital_P_dangit( $text ) {
       return str_replace( 'Wordpress', 'WordPress', $text );

New filter (v3.01):

function capital_P_dangit( $text ) {
        // Simple replacement for titles
        if ( 'the_title' === current_filter() )
                return str_replace( 'Wordpress', 'WordPress', $text );
        // Still here? Use the more judicious replacement
        static $dblq = false;
        if ( false === $dblq )
                $dblq = _x('“', 'opening curly quote');
        return str_replace(
                array( ' WordPress', '‘WordPress', $dblq . 'Wordpress', '>Wordpress', '(WordPress' ),
                array( ' WordPress', '‘WordPress', $dblq . 'WordPress', '>WordPress', '(WordPress' ),
        $text );