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If you have a font file with a “ttf” extension you can easily install it in Ubuntu (v9.04) and use it in applications such as the Gimp. Essentially, all you have to do is drop it in the correct folder:

  1. cd /usr/local/share/fonts
  2. If the truetype/custom directory doesn’t exist already: sudo mkdir truetype sudo mkdir truetype/custom
  3. sudo cp where_you_downloaded_the_new_font/fontname.ttf /usr/local/share/fonts/truetype/custom
  4. sudo chown root.root /usr/local/share/fonts/truetype/custom/fontname.ttf
  5. fc-cache – Otherwise, the font will disappear at the next reboot.

The following text was created in the Gimp: It uses 3 free fonts, the “B” is Heavy Data, the “it” is Sans Bold and the “volution” is Ballpark:

ttf font demo