It only takes a few lines of Javascript to make a HTML table start rotating it’s rows. Example:

Demo 1

field 1a field 1b
field 2a field 2b
field 3a field 3b
field 4a field 4b
field 5a field 5b
field 6a field 6b
field 7a field 7b
field 8a field 8b

Demo 2 – Job board

Web designer
Start Up Stationary Design
Flash / XML Menu System
Open Source Application Rebranding
Website Design/Build
Internet Marketing Guru
Icon design – Urgent project
Looking for a dragon slayer
Poster Design
Telesales contacting schools
Save the cheerleader
Recruiting, need a honest liar
Chess grand master wanted
Gringots gold for sale
webmaster of the universe
sale of widgets
Will code for food
waterproof fish required
blind waiter needed
fire resistant cigaretes?

Using javascript, you need to remove the last row of the table and then insert it in front of the first table row and then repeat continuously.

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